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So true. And then I look at all these people running past beautiful things quickly and just not getting why they won’t look. There are so many amazing things in this life that it’s a shame we need sleep. If there is one thing I want in my life then it is to live life to the fullest and see and know about as many things and people as possible. 

John Barrowman stars in Doctor Who and Torchwood as Jack Harkness. I love his character because he’s cheeky and loves to flirt.

I make all my digital mixed media paintings by first creating watercolor textures. I scan them at high resolution. Then I create a drawing with black ink and scan that as well. I combine all the scans in photoshop and adjust the blending. I also may adjust tint or contrast. I usually add some shading or details as well, using my Wacom tablet. After that I safe my work and upload it.

Available as Art Print/Iphone case and T shirt at society6

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